MRM Coordinator Training

This agenda and the modules contained therein are aimed at persons who coordinate the implementation of MRM at the technical level. The below agenda assumes that the coordinators have experience with MRM or as a minimum have attended either the Country level of Regional Training.

Time Agenda Item Description of Session
Day 1:
15 mins Introduction to the Training - Introduction to the training
- Objectives of the next 1.5 days
60 mins Module 1: Steps to Establish MRM - A participatory session to consider the steps required to establish a mechanism and chance to review if all appropriate aspects are currently being implemented in each country
30 mins Break
90 mins Module 5: Political Aspects of MRM - A brief look at the roles and responsibilities of the UNSCWG, the OSRSG, the TRG; sanctions and other political aspects
60 mins Lunch
90 mins Module 8F Verification & Quality Control - Ensure there is clarity on understanding of verification and specifically look at the role of coordinator in quality control
30 mins Module 6: Guiding Principles for Coordinators - An opportunity to look at some of the ethical challenges and other dilemmas that may face coordinators of MRM
30 mins Break
90 mins Module 12: Accountability - What do we mean by accountability? This session will address some of the issues that can be considered towards achieving accountability and the UN role
15 mins Modules 11: Part 1 Reporting Analysis - Briefing for the Reporting Analysis Exercise - homework. Note this could be possibly sent out prior to the workshop for participants' preparation.
15 mins Wrap-up and evaluation of the day

Time Agenda Item Description of Session
Day 2:
15 mins Review of Previous Day - Brief review of previous day and introduction to the Day
120 mins Module 11: Part 2 Reporting Plenary - Reporting Analysis feedback
- Plenary discussion on reporting
30 mins Break
30 mins Module 11. Part 3 Additional Avenues for Reporting - An "experts" panel to advise on using additional opportunities for reporting
60 mins Lunch
120 mins Module 13: Engaging with Parties to the Conflict - This session will look at how we engage with parties to the conflict in terms of action plans and other commitments. This module looks action plan content and also the mechanism by which we engage with parties.
30 mins Break
45 mins Module 15: MRM Phasing Out - This session will provide an opportunity to explore when and how Task Forces phase out of MRM
30 mins Open Forum with Panel of Experts - Q & A on issues for Coordinators
- A chance for participants to raise issues that have not been covered and provide some guidance to coordinators
30 mins Evaluation of the Coordinator Training - General discussion to look at:
     a. Was the coordinator training relevant for their needs
     b. What needs to be added?
     c. What was not relevant and should not be included in future trainings.
- What ongoing support do participants require - if any
- Participants to complete the feedback / evaluation forms

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