Orientation to MRM - ½ Day Orientation

Time Agenda Item Description of Session
Half Day
15 mins Welcome  
60 mins Module 3: Affects on Children of Armed Conflict - An interactive way to ensure raise the level of understanding of the affects of armed conflict on children. Note for some audiences this will not be a necessary element (e.g. senior government officials)
30 mins Break  
60 mins Module 4A: Introduction to UNSC Resolutions and the MRM - A session on the background of MRM, 1612, 1882 & 1998 and appropriate relevant aspects
30 mins Module 14A: An Introduction to Responses - A participatory presentation on responses: programme and advocacy
30 mins Open Forum - An opportunity to raise any outstanding questions or areas for discussion

The audiences for orientation may vary greatly and whilst the above is a guide, the content and methodology used will need to be adapted to meet the requirements of the group to whom the orientation is provided

For some audiences it may be appropriate to include Module 2: Introduction to Child Rights

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