Evaluation of Training

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Tens of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) arrived in the Zamzam IDP camp in 2009, next to El-Fasher, mainly on trucks, and carrying their few possessions with them.

It is important that training is evaluated both to enable the training to meet the needs of the participants of the workshop and to ensure improvements can be made for future training. In the MRM Training Toolkit is a folder entitled "Evaluations". This folder contains three evaluation forms that can be used in different ways.

Daily Evaluation Sheet [PDF]

This is a very simple sheet that enables participants to provide the trainer with simple feedback at the end of each day. Four sections:

  • What did the participant particularly like about the day's training.
  • Areas that the participant would like to see changed or improved.
  • Areas that the participant believes still require more information or training.
  • Aspects of the training that for the participant were particularly illuminating.

Analysing the information provided by participants should enable the facilitators to improve the training for the following day.

It is important to provide participants feedback at the start of the next day based on the information received from the participants, and comment on how you are responding to the comments where appropriate.

Module Evaluation Form [PDF]

This form provides an opportunity where appropriate for participants to provide detailed feedback on one specific module and suggest improvements.

It is suggested that participants are not expected to do this for every module but only those where they wish to do so.

Training Evaluation [PDF]

This form provides an opportunity for participants to make comments on the overall training.

This form would need adapting to the individual training depending on what modules are included in the workshop.

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