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Three boys at the CAJED Camp centre for in the town of Goma, North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, supported by UNICEF. Henry, (centre), 16 years, fighted 3 years with PARECO (Mayi Mayi). Francois, to the left, is 15 and spent 4 years fighting with FDLR.* (names have been changed to protect the identity of the boys).

The following details all the reference materials that are included in the MRM Training Toolkit. The table below provides information on the materials and where to access the items.

MRM Information, Guidelines and Field Manual This is the basic information for managing and implementation of MRM Provided separately to all persons involved in implementing MRM 
Legal Instruments and Conventions
International Legal Foundation and Standards A matrix detailing the key legal instruments and conventions that are relevant to children in conflict and how they relate to the six grave violations Annexe II of the MRM Field Manual 
International Instruments & Standards Provides relevant normative standards; excerpt from Child Protection Training for UN Peace Operations Personal Module 4B
UN SC Resolution 1612 The Resolution that mandated UN in countries of conflict to establish MRM and provides the framework for its implementation (2005) (English, Arabic & French) Module 4A
UN SC Resolution 1882 The Resolution that enhances and builds upon 1612 (2009) (English, Arabic & French) Module 4A
UN SC Resolution 1998 The Resolution that enhances and builds upon 1612 (2011) (English, Arabic & French) Module 4A
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child The complete convention on child rights Modules 2 & 4B
Optional Protocol on children in armed conflict Optional Protocol to the UN CR Module 4B
The Six Grave Violations Against Children During Armed Conflict- The Legal Foundation Factsheet on the legal foundation pertaining to each of the six grave violations Module 4B
What is IHL A fact sheet on International Humanitarian Law Module 4B
Summary Table of IHL applicable to children A matrix detailing different elements of the Geneva Conventions and Protocols relates to children Module 4B
C182 Child Labour Convention.doc ILO Convention on the worst forms of child labour Module 3
Security Council resolutions matrix WPS and GBV A matrix detailing the different resolutions pertaining to gender based violence and architecture for effective protection and prevention. Module 4A
Paris Commitments The commitments made by Government signatories on children recruited or used by armed forces or armed groups Module 3
Guidelines to Practice relating to children in situation of armed conflict
Children and DDR Excerpt on children and DDR taken from the "Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Standards" Module 3
Youth and DDC Excerpt on youth and DDR taken from the "Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Standards" Module 3
Interagency guiding principles on unaccompanied sep children Comprehensive guidelines when working with separated and unaccompanied children Module 3
Protecting Children during Armed Conflict Two page fact sheet on protecting children during conflict Module 3
Impact of Armed Conflict - DPKO Useful table detailing different experiences children have and the short and long term consequences Module 3
Documents pertaining to implementing MRM
SG's Annual Global Report 2005 The UN SG's report that outlines the framework for MRM and the six grave violations Module 4A
CTFMR Terms of Reference The outline ToR for Country Task Forces Module 1
Listing and Delisting Criteria The criteria for parties to the conflict to be listed and de-listed Module 5
SCWG CAAC ToR Security Council Working Group - CAAC Terms of Reference Module 5
SCWG Toolkit Security Council Working Group Toolkit Module 5
Q&A on UN Res 1882 & 1998 Questions and answers relating to killing & maiming and sexual violence Module 4A
MRM Guiding Principles Humanitarian Principles and how they particularly relate to MRM Annexe VII of MRM Field Manual
MRM Documentation Formats Draft global formats for documents information Module 8C
Action Plan Templates Templates and guidance on action plans Module 13
Accountability and Justice Substantive notes Detailed notes on accountability to support the session and provide further reading Module 12
Working in the arena of child rights and human rights
The Graça Machel Study - 10-year Review A review of the 1996 Study, "Impact of children and War" by Graça Machel Module 3
OHCHR Monitoring Basic Principles Principles when monitoring and reporting human rights Module 6
SG Guidelines Prevention Sexual Abuse Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse; in relation to humanitarian workers Module 6
Summary of WHO Guidelines WHO recommendations for documenting and monitoring sexual violence in emergencies Module 6
Brief Guide to Child Friendly Interviewing An introduction and key points when interviewing children Module 8D
Security Checklist PHCHR Checklist of things to consider when contacting a victim, witness or source Module 10
Selected bibliography - Children and accountability A biography that provides further reading on children and accountability Module 12
Negotiating with parties to the conflict Excerpt from "Humanitarian Negotiations with Armed Groups" and considerations for MRM Module 13
Advocacy Balance Sheet - Example An example of how you can document and measure advocacy in a specific context Module 14C

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