Sample Agendas

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(Centre) Noor Ahmad, 15, uses a hand saw to cut a piece of wood, while his teacher supervises, during a carpentry workshop at a UNICEF-assisted reintegration and rehabilitation centre for war-affected children in the Sara Jama neighbourhood of the southern city of Kandahar.

Whilst every context will be different, provided in the following pages are samples of agendas for Orientation, MRM Staff Training and Coordinator Training to assist facilitators to develop the appropriate training for their respective context. This is not intended to be prescriptive but to provide a general guidance on content.

The following agendas are included:

  • Orientation to UNSC Resolution 1612,1882 and 1998 and MRM (e.g. Government, non-specialist staff, civil society)
  • MRM 4-Day initial Training for MRM staff or others who monitor violations. This is the recommended minimum time required to provide staff training on MRM field monitoring.
  • MRM Follow-up Training sessions for MRM staff or others who monitor violations. It is strongly recommended that two 1-day follow-up trainings are provided to encourage and motivate staff through providing support as they begin to face challenges and to further their skill level. It is suggested that this training should be 3 months and 6 months after the initial training. Thereafter there should be further reconvening of persons monitoring grave violations to provide ongoing support.
  • MRM 2-Day Coordinator Training for UN staff who coordinate MRM at the technical level
  • CTFMR - an agenda has not be included as there is so much variation in needs of different CTFMRs and it is likely that only short time periods will be available, so it is suggested that modules are covered as needs, time and priority dictates.

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