Follow-up Training

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Students attend class on the ruins of the Mingora Government Primary and High School Number 1 on the second day of class in Swat, Pakistan after the military operation. The school, where about 1,300 students were enrolled, was blown up by Taliban militants.


  • For participants to reflect on their practical experience and lessons learnt
  • To explore ways to work more efficiently and to overcome challenges
  • For participants to further their skills in relation to MRM
Participants MRM Staff
Session Groupwork
Plenary Discussion
Time required 180 minutes
Venue requirements Main training room
Breakout rooms
Equipment Flip charts and markers
Resource person(s) 1 person with practical experience of implementing MRM
Training materials - Exercise sheet: achievements and challenges
MRM Field Manual [PDF]
Documents for participants
Access to materials All the training materials are included in Folder Module 18: Follow-up Training


It is impossible to include all the modules in this package into the recommended 3 days initial training, and therefore part of this follow-up day should include the most relevant modules for your context that were not included previously. Therefore, this module is limited to 3 hours, to ensure that time is allowed for one or more of the other modules to be included.

This is a difficult and sensitive area in which to work and it is strongly recommended that every attempt be made to have the same participants at the follow-up days as in the original training, as some level of trust would have been built. A level of comfort with their colleagues will enhance learning, and for the participants capacity to get involved quickly with the subject and learning for the day.

Pre-session preparation

Most participants should know each other from the previous training but it would be good to do a short ice-breaker to re-acquaint with colleagues and get to know any new persons.

Session Sequence

  1. Introduction to the day (15 minutes)

    Ask participants if they have had an opportunity to implement MRM since the training was provided. Maybe get a show of hands to see how many participants have actually been implementing MRM.

    Explain that the workshop will be in two parts:

    1. Morning: Looking at how participants have been able to implement MRM since the last training and,
    2. Afternoon: Provide some further areas of learning in the skills required for MRM

  2. Groupwork on Lessons Learnt and Challenges (60 minutes)

    Provide exercise sheet: Groupwork on lessons learnt and challenges

    Participants to share their experiences; each participant to share:

    1. One example of how monitoring or reporting went well
    2. One example of what has been challenging or prevented them from implementing MRM

    Note: participants should only share what they feel comfortable in doing with their group.

    The group should then complete the following table. This should not detail specific examples but attempt to synthesise participants' experiences.

    By the end of the session the chart should be put onto the wall (or as designated). Use sticky notes or coloured card so that these can be clustered later in the module.

    Violation Achievements in MRM Lessons Learnt Challenges

  3. Identifying common areas of lessons learnt and challenges (30 minutes)

    Part A
    Brief participants to visit all of the charts and take a note of regular themes or key challenges that came out of the groupwork.

    Tip: To economise on time this session could be combined with the coffee break.
    The facilitator will also need to have spent time looking at the charts to ensure key achievements, lessons learnt and challenges are noted.

    Part B
    Commence this part of the session by the facilitator reflecting on some of the achievements that have been made as illustrated on the charts.

    Then move onto the brainstorming.

    Brainstorming: List areas that have provided significant learning or challenges that require solutions.

  4. Plenary discussion on challenges faced in MRM (60 minutes)

    The facilitator should lead a discussion as follows:

    1. Reflect on the highlighted lessons learnt by some participants and if they could be applied to other people's working environment.
    2. Consider each challenge in turn and explore with the group how each might be overcome.

  5. Identify areas for further development (15 minutes)

    This step can be included here or at end of the day but bear in mind at the end of the day participants are eager to get home.

    Brainstorming: Reflecting upon challenges and areas for improvement and list specific skills required and areas the participants would like to see included in the second follow-up day.

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